Honkai: Star Rail (Malereader) - AgarYT_1721 (2024)

  • Honkai High School (Honkai star rail x Male Reader)

    1.4K 37 8

    Basically, everyone in honkai star rail as a high schooler. There will be love interest's and I will have multiple versions of this story (Because you choose who you want to be with.) There will Probably be no smut. But I hope you enjoy, and their backstories will be different. (Also works out in this story because I...

  • Universal Traveler (Honkai Star Rail Male Reader Insert)

    3.8K 107 3

    The universe is always changing some would say. There are countless people out there doing whatever they need just to live day by day. There is one man, however, who lives that way currently but knows about what lies at the end of the road for the universe. He claims to just be a traveler across the cosmos. But is tha...

  • The Trailblazing Experience (Honkai: Star Rail x Male Reader) [Coming soon]

    318 22 2

    Traveling from one location to another, you are a member of the Astral Express Crew. Mostly known as Trailblazers, while you are also part of The Nameless. Exploring into the unknown to adventure into several worlds. One day, you and the crew find yourself on Herta Space Station that is currently being invaded by the...


  • Flowing Flowers and Strings

    48K 1.6K 25

    Honkai Star Rail x Male Reader I do not own Honkai Star rail, Hoyoverse, or any images and references made in this story. All credits go to original owners.

  • Take the Journey (OP Male Reader x Honkai Star Rail)

    15.8K 257 6

    "Once his gaze is cast upon you, there is no turning back. But do not fear, for this is far from the end of your story. Whether those pages be filled with joy or suffering, you must see it to the end in your own way"

  • Archive of Y/N

    5.4K 157 12

    The mind of a writer is definitely full of endless possibilities. Whether it is the most brightest, so bright that it could lit the world one could even think of, or the darkest where it was filled with degenerate and depravity of what human could ever imagine. Within those chaotic sea of infinite idea, gathered into...


  • Archon Reborn | Stardust Odyssey

    19.9K 823 4

    It has ended, the long war between humanity and the Honkai has finally ended, although it was predestined that Truth, Origin and Finality shall seal away the End, a variable changed it all in the form of one individual. (Y/N) (L/N), the Einherjar of St. Freya, bearer and successor to the title of Geo Archon, sought to...

  • Beauty In The Stars (Star Rail)

    13.7K 458 6

    Ever since he was gifted the power to travel the universe he has always loved traveling. From place to place, planet to planet, solar system to solar system. It didn't matter for him. For as long as he could explore the unknown he was happy. The sensation of wanting to explore new environments always fueled his inner...


  • how did all of this happened? (male reader x harem)

    1.9K 38 2

    the title says everything. (story isn't finished.)

    Completed Mature

  • Genshin/HSR X Male Reader

    25.3K 336 14

    A mashup of HOYOVERSE's characters and it's World for a Male Reader series. There's not much else going on here outside of that. All the information you'll need will be in the first chapter of the story. Enjoy.


  • Take the Journey ── Honkai star rail x reader

    23.5K 219 24

    ❝Come with me take the journey❞ ✦ ── ❛ reader x Honkai star rail oneshots ❜ °•,*! summary: where you take the journey with your beloved favourite characters in form of short stories that carry-on through the galaxy originally published may 2023, by cloudyrainee. any characters and their world belong to hoyoverse

  • Odyssey of the Stars (Star Rail x Male Reader x HI3 x Transformers)

    8.5K 168 4

    To say that (M/N) was having the time of his life would be an understatement. "I've always wanted excitement." The male smirked. "Guess I got it." Antimatter Legion, Aeons, Stellerons, Gnoses, and so much more. (M/N) as well as friends are in for the time of their lives as they journey into the universe. Trailblazing...


  • Bonds of Darkness: Swordmen's Redemption

    84.8K 3.7K 91

    Y/N, a once valiant warrior, is losing himself to a malevolent curse, and Jingliu is unwavering in her determination to save him. As they grapple with inner struggles and confront formidable trials, their universe's fate teeters on the edge, and their path to redemption remains uncertain, shrouded in suspense and trag...

  • "Wanna be yours." READER X JINGLIU

    34K 943 11

    In which Jingliu falls madly in love with a peaceful guys who lives alone. ((HSR JINGLIU X MALE READER))

  • Storming Forth, I Return From The Nothing; I Am Back To Reclaim What's Mine!

    6.8K 137 4

    (Male Dishonored, Assassin, & Trailblazer Reader x Star Rail Harem)


  • When Did I Became Populer...? (Honkai Star rail females x male reader)

    95.3K 2K 13

    Highschool AU Harem x Male reader You were just and average looking student, but somehow a lot of girls are into you. Even the teachers.


  • Our Trailblazing Adventure

    452 10 3

    Honkai : Star Rail story Female Trailblazer x Male reader.

  • Trailblazing Instinct (Male Reader X Honkai Star Rail)

    82.8K 1.7K 35

    Y/N Always wanted to explore the stars he always thought he couldn't do it, but that all changed when he meets an unusual person


  • New Journey Within The Stars

    3K 100 2

    An Alt Universe to the Confusion In The Stars Y/n was a part of the Stellaron Hunters and always worked closely with Kafka and Sliver Wolf. Until that fateful day. I don't own any of the characters they are owned by their creators.

  • To the Star (Honkai Star Rail x Male Reader)

    194K 5K 18

    Y/N may not be a great fighter, but he's smart at least

  • The King of the Stars (Male Noctis Reader x Honkai Star Rail)

    22.9K 388 4

    There once lived a man, born to a mortal but blessed with powers divine. Conjuring a collection of glaives he dispelled the darkness plaguing the universe. As a reward for his efforts, the gods granted him a holy Stone, the Crystal, which he was to guard at all costs, for it would one day choose a King to see us throu...

  • Honkai: Star Rail x Male Reader

    41.1K 1K 10

    This is a male reader insert story with the newly released Honkai: Star Rail game.

  • HSR | Starward Adventures (HSR x Male reader)

    56.2K 1.5K 27

    A nun- wait, a nun on space? Now that's really weird! But this nun is no other nun - The nun is gifted with a Oath, a oath where he will vowed to forever wield the Oath with his very life. And yes, it's a 'he' not 'she'. Didn't you read the title!? Gosh darn it- (FYI: The book continues! I've found a way to get back i...


  • Honkai: Star Rail (Malereader) - AgarYT_1721 (2024)
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