How to Make Credits in Dead Space Remake (2024)

This guide will provide tips on how to generate credits in Dead Space Remake whether it’s by smart saving or looting the dead found aboard USG Ishimura!

This guide is for the Dead Space Remake, released in 2023!

Dead Space will challenge you to manage your resources very carefully as resources are scarce. On higher difficulties, resources become even harder to find.

Finding and saving credits can allow you to purchase ammo, health packs, weapons, and more at the store. Though this can be a challenge as credits are fairly scarce as well.

Opening Containers is important, not a waste of time

The most common way you can find credits is by exploring around. You might find some credits hidden away in the environment. You can also find credits by opening various containers throughout the USG Ishimura.

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Containers that can be opened can include lockers, footlockers, and the storage boxes with the green lights. Lockers with a red light cannot be opened while those with a white light can.

As you progress through the game, you’ll gain a higher level of security clearance. Once you do, you’ll be able to backtrack into previous rooms where you found locked lockers. Be sure to check those to see if they had any credits!

Look for Glowing Green Dots

Whether it’s a credit stick or a semiconductor, objects of monetary value will have a blinking, green light. While Med Packs also have a green light, their blinking light is white and not green. With that said if a little green light catches your eye, go to it and get that money!

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Find Semiconductors throughout the USG Ishimura

You will occasionally find Semiconductors throughout the USG Ishimura. These have no functional purpose in Dead Space but they sell for a good price in the store.

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You will have to decide if you use that inventory slot for the semiconductor or drop it to make room for ammo and health. This can be a tough decision but perhaps these sale prices might convince you to hold onto them.

  • Bronze Semiconductors sell for 2000 credits.
  • Gold Semiconductors sell for 3,000 credits.
  • Ruby Semiconductors sell for 10,000 credits.
  • Diamond Semiconductors sell for 25,000 credits.

To find locations of Semiconductors in Dead Space, check out our Dead Space Semiconductor Location Guide!

Save and Sell Ammunition

As you fight your way through the USG Ishimura, you’ll encounter various weapons you can pick up. These weapons can actually serve as a new source of income. As you loot boxes or defeat necromorphs, ammo for weapons in your inventory will drop.

To make money while having enough ammo to defend yourself, I suggest you only keep two weapons on you. The first is your primary weapon for self-defense while the other you use for drops. Now let’s look at ammo sell prices.

You’ll want to sell full stacks of ammo when you can, though some ammo stacks are more valuable than others.

  • A stack of 25 Plasma Energy sells for 2,500 credits.
  • A stack of 100 Pulse Rifle Rounds sells for 2,500 credits.
  • A stack of 15 Ripper Blades sells for 3,750 credits.
  • A stack of 150 Flame Fuel sells for 5,250 credits.
  • A stack of 15 Contact Energy sells for 3,000 credits.
  • A stack of 9 Line Racks sells for 3,150.
  • A stack of 15 Force Energy sells for 6,000 credits.

Due to how different weapons have ammo drops at different rates, you’ll need to use the most drop/loot-efficient ammo to make the most bang for your buck. While the Flame Fuel sells for 5,250 credits for a full stack, it’s actually less efficient than selling Contact Energy at 3,000 credits.

Flame Fuel drops in groups of 25 whereas Contact Energy is dropped in groups of 5. If you had 6 ammo drops, you would have 1 stack of Flame Fuel (5,250 credits) or 2 stacks of Contact Energy (6,000 credits).

Updating your Money Gun as you progress

As you make your way through Dead Space, the secondary gun you use for ammo farming will change when you acquire new weapons. The important thing to note is that you must resist the urge to use these weapons. If you waste ammo by using them and reloading, you’re losing money.

Here are the guns I recommend you use as a “Money Gun” as you progress…

The Ripper
The first gun you’ll want to use as a “Money Gun” to farm ammo with is the Ripper. Ripper ammo drops in groups of 3 so 5 ammo drops will get you a full stack. You’ll find the Ripper in Chapter 3.

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The Contact Beam
This is where it gets hard to resist using the weapons. The Contact Beam is found in Chapter 4 and has ammo drop in groups of 5. 3 drops of ammo will get you a full stack you can sell for 3,000 credits. Put away the Ripper in storage so you can have ammo drops for this more frequently.

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The Line Gun
The Line Gun is found in Chapter 5 and is slightly better in terms of bringing in revenue than the Line Gun (about 5% more efficient to be precise). Ammo drops for the Line Gun are in groups of 3 with 9 ammo forming a full stack. If you don’t plan on using this as a primary weapon, replace your Contact Beam with the Line Gun

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The Force Gun
The Force Gun is the best money gun you can get in Dead Space. Found in Chapter 6, ammo drops for the Force Gun drops in groups of 3 forming stacks of 15. Each stack will sell for 6,000 credits.

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No Risk No Glory

You can make money by selling goods that you may not need. This includes Medium or Large Med Packs, Stasis Packs, Oxygen Tanks, and excess ammo.

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If you’re confident with your ability to survive then by all means, follow this advice as you can focus your resources on a single weapon and your RIG suit.

Gain More Inventory Space

A good way to make more money is to increase your inventory space. This is done by purchasing a higher-level RIG suit at the store. You won’t be able to miss these as you progress through the game.

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While new suits might be costly, you’re investing to hold more ammo you can sell. It’ll pay off even more so if you play the New Game+! Besides, better suits means you get better armor.

There’s Always Peng

What is Peng? No one really knows as this has been a recurring joke in the Dead Space franchise. You’ll often find posters or signs saying “Peng”, “Peng: The one and only”, “Peng ~Relax~”, “Peng: Get ya some!”, “Delicious Peng”, you get the idea. Whatever Peng is, it warrants a treasure for some reason.

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The Peng Treasure can be found in Chapter 11 in the Cargo Bay. You’ll find it near the elevator that takes you down into the bay and behind a stack of boxes. Move these boxes with Kinesis to find the Peng Treasure and a corpse. This unlucky guy was likely the previous owner of the Peng Treasure.

Take the Peng Treasure back to the store kiosk to sell it for a whopping 30,000 credits!

Now that you know how to make money in Dead Space, I wish you the best of luck in your money making quest! I just want to remind you that survival on the USG Ishimura is difficult. You’re going to encounter deadly foes, hazardous environments, and deal with horrifying hallucinations.

You must stay strong and persevere to get out alive. When all seems lost and you’re out of hope, I want you to remember…

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There’s Always Peng!

Picking up the Peng treasure will unlock for you the “There’s Always Peng!” achievement for Dead Space Remake.

Miscellaneous Tips

  • Invest power nodes into one weapon only such as the ever-reliable Plasma Cutter. This can help you avoid the temptation of spending credits on nodes impulsively.
  • Get all free Power Nodes in the Dead Space Remake by simply visiting the locations described in the dedicated guide linked here.
  • Remain calm and aim your shots. The better your shots are when fighting a necromorph, the more ammo you can save. The more ammo you save, the less you spend on ammo.
  • Use Kinesis more often to defeat necromorphs. Conserve that ammo for real threats.
  • Pick up EVERY credit you find, a credit saved is a credit earned!
  • Is your locator pointing you in a direction in a room with multiple paths? Go to the paths away from the locator first! Sure you may run into a necromorph and experience a gruesome scene, BUT there could be credits in these paths!
  • Inspect all the dark corners or areas that seem out of the way. Chances are there are credits there.
  • Read the Chapter Walkthroughs we have for the Dead Space Remake.
  • There’s always Peng!

How to Earn Credits in Dead Space Remake Faster

How to Make Credits in Dead Space Remake (19)

This is a list of recommended activities and some tips and tricks to help you earn Credits in Dead Space Remake faster and easier! This is your short-and-to-the-point summary of the entire guide available here on


  1. Open every single container, box, and locker.
    These provide ammo, credits or other items you might want to use or sell if you don't need.
  2. Look for Glowing Green Dots
    Sometimes hidden in plain sight, on upper shelves, or in holes, you will find loot just sitting and waiting for you to pick it up.
  3. Find and loot Semiconductors.
    Semiconductors have only one purpose in the Dead Space Remake - to sell for Credits.
  4. Sell Ammo from your secondary gun.
    If you aim to make as many credits as possible, only wear two weapons with the second one being your money-maker.
  5. Sell items you do not plan to use.
    While risky, you can always sell a Stasis pack or a small/medium health pack to get a few extra credits for your next purchase.
How to Make Credits in Dead Space Remake (2024)
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