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  • Hazbin hotel helluva boss harem x male human reader

    401K 2.6K 17

    You were an ordinary human but somehow without dying or doing any evil or sin in your life, you were brough to hell itself where you met people who instead of ignoring you found you interesting and found...attractive? (I don't own any of the art, helluva boss/hazbin hotel is owned by VivziePop but i do own is the crea...


  • Hazbin Hotel-Helluva Boss Girls x Male Angel Reader

    152K 3K 18

    After learning the dark truth about the extermination day in Hell, the Embassy casts you out to prevent word of this from ever spreading throughout Heaven. Although you are now a fallen angel, life in Hell wasn't so bad as you believed it to be.

  • Hazbin Hotel/ Helluva Boss X Male reader

    112K 1.8K 18

    Description in the works All characters belong to Vivziepop, except you.


  • Black Dragon of Annihilation (DxD Harem x Male reader)

    74.1K 839 22

    What happens when 10yr old Y/N's parents die in a car accident in the Kuoh town? What will happen after returning to Kuoh after 8yrs, finds out that it is a devil territory. Lets find out by joining his journey in the world of devils, angles and fallen angles. (Highschool dxd and any pictures mentioned in this story...


  • HighSchool DxD x Male Reader

    93.7K 2K 25

    y/n was a normal kid he didn't stick out much in school and kept to himself that was until a devil, and a dragon approached him


  • Castle town dandelion X Spider-Man male reader: The nations great spidy hero

    52.1K 1.3K 33

    A new boy arrived to the nation named Y/n Parker who wants to live out his normal teenage life as he becomes a new student and made many friends one of which is the Royal family who ruled the nation for years in peace. But that peace will be ruined when Super Villains, gangs and criminals start to appear out of nowher...


  • ~The strongest being~

    83.5K 1.4K 18

    Y/n l/n at the age of 18 loved heroes he loved them so much that he trained his body and broke his limiter now with unlimited power what antics will y/n face?


  • Yugioh Male Reader X Female Yugioh character

    280K 3.2K 102

    Your just Starting out in real life. when after witnessing an argument between your twin sisters, you take your yugioh duelling deck which is based around Blue eyes white dragon. you make a wish that you were no longer at home you wanted to be in the yugioh world instead. you fall asleep holding your deck box with you...

  • Going beyond plus ultra (One Punch Man Male Reader x bnha harem)

    128K 1.5K 26

    When you were young you found out you were quirkless. So you trained with the help of saitama and genos and achieved the same power level as them. you then apply for U.A. and enter right before the sports festival. Will you achieve the number one spot or will it all be for nothing? (cover art is not mine nor bnha or a...


  • The Chimera: The Shapeshifter of Kuoh (Ben 10 Male Reader X High School DxD)

    26.4K 483 10

    Y/N L/N has gone through it all: bad guys, aliens, ghosts, monsters, titans, evil ancient beings and many other disasters and foes. And he's done all of that since he was 10! With his most powerful device in the known universe. The Omnimatrix, better known as the Omnitrix, is a watch-like device that attached to Y/N...


  • All Girls for Y/n

    105K 888 9

    Following a different timeline of events, All for One is still alive but dying. Nana Shimura is the current OFA bearer and in her prime, feeling as though he needs a successor to demolish Hero Society he choose Y/n Midoriya and implants a Dark Quirk within him to claim any and all female Pro-Heroes and Students. Credi...

    Completed Mature

  • Plus Ultra! (Male reader x Boku no Hero Academia)

    143K 3.1K 48

    Your dream, was always to become the best hero in the world. To save people, to bring them hope, to help when they are in need. Will you succed?

    Completed Mature

  • 🍋 Jirachi's Blessing 🍋 (male reader x Pokémon)

    123K 1.3K 13

    In case it isn't obvious, this is furry bait and a lemon story. Anyway, with that out of the way. Y/N is the son of two Pokémon rangers, who always left him behind with Delia Ketchum when they went on long missions. And on one of those missions, they never returned, leaving a young Y/N to forever blame himself for n...


  • Caught In A Spider's Web (Male Spider-Man Reader X Highschool DxD)[Discontinued]

    38.8K 769 13


  • Pokemon High (male reader insert)

    168K 1.6K 11

    Join the adventure of Y/N through Pokemon High

  • 56.6K 728 49

    Disclaimer: This is NOT my story. All credit belongs to LordStarX101 for this. Equestria Girls Harem X Male Reader. F/N L/N may seem like your average teen but he has a secret, he can use magic! F/N has been able to use magic ever since he was little but he keeps it a secret so he can fit in and not be treated as an o...


  • the one who will bring balance (Male Uzumaki/Uchiha reader x highschool dxd)

    752K 10.3K 42

    (A/N: This is my first crossover story I hope you will enjoy and also I don't own naruto or highschool dxd.) (Y/N) is the child of boruto and sarada. He is the youngest prodigy and his family is proud but one day an a tragic disaster happened in the world and everyone he knew died, with what he learned so far he use a...


  • A Jinchuriki's Harem

    10K 181 11

    When Hagoromo defeated Kaguya he became the 10 tails Jinchuriki. When his time was nearly over he split the 10 tails into 9 tailed beasts. However he was still afraid that one day the people his mother expected to come would and revive the 10 tails. To prevent this from happening he traveled to a new dimension taking...


  • The Silent Titan

    316K 7.5K 32

    A new hero comes to Jump City. The Specter is a mysterious hero with an unknown past, even to him. Can he start a life in Jump City and discover his past with the Teen Titans. I dont own Teen Titans or any art used.


  • The Meaning Of Being A Hero? - Male Reader X My Hero Academia

    156K 3.2K 45

    + A world where superpowers called Quirks have become normal in society and heros and villains constantly face off day and night to keep the peace and make people feel hoping that everything will work out. That is something that many heroes try to maintain...but there are times when there are people who need the help...


  • The Ohma Dragon Gear: Highschool DXD Harem x OP Male Reader

    597K 7.4K 71

    This is a story I wanted to work on now that I watched Highschool DXD, and it will explain what the word 'Ohma' means in this book. A new guy joins Kuoh Academy after a certain event that he doesn't want to talk about involves him moving into his old family home by himself, as he arrives he meets Rias Gremory who is t...

    Completed Mature

  • Legend Of The Ghost Rider (Highschool DxD x Male Ghost Rider Reader)

    493K 7.7K 27

    [Cover photo made by @TimmyShadowKing] Y/N L/N rides to kuoh town for a new life along with his sister to escape a deal he made a long time ago but little does he know kuoh town is home to many devils along with both angels and fallen. (DISCLAIMER): I OWN NOTHING, HIGHSCHOOL DXD AND GHOST RIDER BELONGS TO THEIR RESPEC...

    Completed Mature

  • A Trip Back Home

    48.7K 904 12

    After beating the Unova League, (Y/n) decides to head on home for a week before going on vacation to Alola. Back home things are starting to heat up with old faces and new ones.


  • monster monsume x male reader

    574K 6.1K 66

    you are a normal boy who lives in a house with monster girls what will turn out the adventure

    Completed Mature

  • Hail to the King (RE8 Harem/fanfic)

    810K 15K 47

    [I do not own Resident Evil. This is a Y/N insert where you've traveller to the Village to find your missing friend who went missing in the area regardless the local police say about no findings.] This will be a semi-lemon mature action/harem plot, completely Fan-Con for those who love to r34 the lady of the castle, T...

    Completed Mature

  • The Next Generation (BNHA X DxD X RWBY X Male Saiyan Reader)

    1.4M 26K 175

    There are some schools out there who have kids with incredible powers, Wether they be "Quirks", "Sacred Gears", Or " Semblances", however, there lives a boy who has none of these things, and instead got his incredible powers from training with his mentors. (I do not own My Hero Academia, Highschool DxD, Rwby, or drag...

    Completed Mature

  • Naruto Girls x M!Reader *LEMON* [COMPLETED]

    103K 751 7

    ⚠️Warning this story may contain lemons and 18+ scene if you uncomfortable please don't read it!⚠️ START IN: 27 SEPTEMBER 2021 END IN: 29 SEPTEMBER 2021 This story is written by @Randoazn Top Ranking: #334 - xmalereader (29/9/21) #344 - xmalereader (29/9/21) #321 - xmalereader (30/9/21) #55 - Ino (1/10/21) #16 - maler...

    Completed Mature

  • The Master of Pokémon ! (A Male Reader X Pokemon Harem Story!)

    178K 1.8K 28

    (Y/N) is the son of the Legendary Trainer Red! He comes from Pallet Town, and seeks to become the Pokemon Master, the best trainer in every Pokemon Region! Starting from his home region of Kanto, he now sets off to be the best with his two closest partners, Pikachu and Eevee, and his old childhood friends, Green and Y...


  • my hero academia harem X male reader

    219K 2.6K 84

    This is a story about a special kid who goes to an academy, none other than UA academy where he will learn to become a hero. You may wonder what's special about this kid,well he was born with a special quirk and during his childhood a tragic event happened in his life and in the end he obtained although this young kid...


  • Digimon Fusion ( Male Reader ) Harem Story

    22.4K 188 5

    Y/n is 18 year old and he taught how to boxing about sluggers & out boxing style (like tj combo and Balrog)also Long & Short Range Fighting Style Also He Is Well Manner And Put Is His Life On Line But When He See The Weak Getting Bullied On ( And Like Tj Combo Has a Berseker Mode) Also He Can Wiled His Grandfather Spe...


  • Male Reader x Harem Good Reads - IsraelYabuki (2024)
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