Male Reader x Harem part 2 - Joyboy19 (2024)

  • Kamen rider Kuuga x One Punch man: A Hero with no fear, no pain

    1.3K 79 3

    Y/n L/n is a normal person who lives in a world where super heros and super villains exist. He is known as the person who gives smiles to anyone he comes across and he lives a peaceful life. That was until one day he find himself within a super villain attack and during the attack he finds an ancient belt that once he...


  • Goddess of victory Nikke: Destruction

    1.5K 48 3

    A commander that was isekai'd. A necklace with a history. Technology that's overpowered! And what the f*ck is with his strength!? Find out everything in this story.

  • kamen rider revice x Go Go Loser rangers: The Devil rider vs The Rangers

    2.2K 111 3

    In the world where superheroes fought evil, they are Dragon Keepers. They fight for justice and defeat the evil. The truth is they aren't hero but they are corrupt. Footsoldier D has enough of this action and she decides to kill the Dragon Keeper for good. But she encounters Hibiki Sakurama and a young man with his de...


  • First Male Hero Who's Also a p*rnstar

    1.1K 55 1

    In a world with women being the dominant sex of a world, it makes the other sex less dominant and less active when it comes to sex and with one teenage kid who wants to be a hero and an alien that obsessed with sex and finds this nearly sexless planet you get the first Male Hero Who's Also a p*rnstar


  • Breaking My Limit (Male Cloud Reader X Danmachi)

    5.5K 219 4

    You were always alone, but after meeting with Goddess Hestia, you've joined her familia and wanted ways to improve on yourself. By going into the dungeon, you face an obstacle that almost gets you killed but managed to pull through, catching the eye of a certain Sword Princess. Nothing is owned by me, Fools!!

  • The Dragon Pirate (One Piece Harem X Male Reader)

    33.5K 380 5

    Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece. One Piece is one of my favorite animes of all time. You can't deny it. Y/n is the youngest of the ??????? family. One day on his visit to Shellstown, he encountered a strange boy with a straw hat and he stretches?! Interesting.


  • 2.3K 45 21

    Sequel to Phone Of Destiny. In an alternate world, where war is present and the fate of humanity is challenged, one commander is assigned to not only lead a small task force of beautiful women, but lead GDI to glorious victory, against the combined might of the Brotherhood of Nod and the Rapture army...or maybe, go th...

    Completed Mature

  • Phone Of Destiny (Nikke: Goddess Of Victory x Male Reader)

    8.3K 186 11

    Living in a world that is on the verge of war breaking out, can be a strain to person's mental health. However, there is a way to survive it all, thanks to a mysterious phone that arrives at a man's home. With the power to summon an entourage of beautiful women, he'll use it to protect himself and the future...or just...

    Completed Mature

  • Make My Story (On Hiatus)

    278K 4.7K 47

    A boy hated for his power now lives by himself but fate has a different story for him. So he meets the number 1 hero and gets into the best hero school in japan. But will the shackles that hold him back get the better of him? Will he fall deeper into despair? We'll see.


  • Commander Y/n Rose ( Malereader x Nikke X Rwby )

    35K 734 24

    Y/n Rose, a boy from the Xiao-long and Rose families who was born without a semblance or even an aura, so his family neglected him for this until one day he decided that he had enough and this caused him to manifest semblances and auras, killing Tai and then injuring the members of his family. He ran away from home an...


  • An "Ordinary" Commander

    23K 1K 15

    Many Nikkes have grown accustomed to being treated without basic courtesy and dignity. However, a young man from the Outer Rim recently became a commander and arrived with a unique approach for the Nikkes. How their minds will fare in the grand scheme remains to be seen.

  • The Spider and His Venom (MHA x Reader)

    3K 59 6

    Second chances. It's not often people get those. And when someone DOES get a second chance, they often waste it. But Y/n won't... His old life went down the drain, but his new one has done the opposite, gifting him powers in exchange for... meals... Through trials and hardships, and the world almost ending, this is th...


  • A Commander's Guide To Raising Nikke

    39.6K 1.7K 23

    "In this Post Apocalyptic world, where mysterious beings from space such as Raptures appeared, risking humanity's extinction a hundred years ago, squads of Goddesses of Victory, Nikke were created by humanity to fight them. With their Commanders, they will lead humanity to reclaim the surface that was lost to them, as...

  • Yu-gi-oh Arc V harem x male reader

    49.7K 692 8

    you are Y/n L/n ever since you were young your parents left you in the care of the Sakaki family where you were close friends with their daughter Yuya Sakaki. you learned from her father on how to duel and to always show a smile when your back is pressed against the wall. you two then became childhood friends with Yu...

  • Lovable Pets (Pet Faunus RWBY Harem X Male Reader)

    71.3K 1.4K 6

    (An AU and I was bored) (Y/N) was a 18 year old teenager who recently moved out of his parents home and still attend high school who started off as a junior, one day as he roamed around his hometown on a rainy day he stumbled upon a alleyway and found a cute little girl who looked like a little Chibi pet. He took her...


  • TF: Beast Wars x Dr Stone: A war to restore the lost world

    5.9K 176 8

    Awaken in a quiet world. Y/n L/n find himself on a planet filled with no sign of any human life besides of human statues as he searches for any humans as well as trying to remember about his past. However what he did found was unsuspected as he encountered gaint insects and dinosaurs who seek to capture him. However h...


  • The Welder of Fafnir, The Golden Dragon King (DXD x Male Reader)

    25.9K 429 8

    Y/N a normal boy who lived in an orphanage, has a bad past and comes to the town of Kouh. But noone knows that he is the welder of Fafnir. The Golden Dragon King who fell in the hands of the mighty and brave hero, Siegfried. Y/N then attends Kouh academy but a certain red head takes interest in him and unknowingly fal...

  • ~A true hero in a toxic ocean~

    343 21 1

    Y/n a normal man admired heroes not the the ones that vought tries to push out into the public knowing the truth about them but the heroes in the comics and shows that inspire us to truly be great and honorable people with that in mind he trained his mind and body to their upper most limits and surpassed it and became...


  • Date A Saiyan

    2.3K 72 8

    Male Saiyan Reader in the world of Date A Live. Basically, you were found and adopted by the Itsuka family becoming Kotori's older brother.


  • Saiyan at Kuoh

    1.7K 112 7

    A Saiyan Male Reader x High School Dxd to replace the original Dragon Ball DxD. I'll try to make it a little different from it while making the story my own.


  • One Punch Y/n! (Autistic MC X OPM Harem)

    5.7K 214 10

    Y/n L/n was Once A Teen who was Just doing his thing until he Beat A Crabmonster he realized he always wanted to be A Hero, so he Trained with Huge weights, Huge rocks, and intense Training every day in exponentially strong amounts until he became so strong he can beat almost anyone in one Punch! The Only Problem now...


  • Welcome to Union (Male Reader X Crossover Harem)

    8.1K 238 5

    Across the universe there are worlds that possess powers, some are hidden, others rely on them, some are use in machines and others are use for fun. However they all share common interests by protecting, defending and fighting off anything wether it would be monsters or villains in all shapes and sizes. The problem wa...


  • The Meaning Of Being A Hero? - Male Reader X My Hero Academia

    156K 3.2K 45

    + A world where superpowers called Quirks have become normal in society and heros and villains constantly face off day and night to keep the peace and make people feel hoping that everything will work out. That is something that many heroes try to maintain...but there are times when there are people who need the help...


  • Imagine Breaker in Mha

    101K 3.6K 136

    Roboco is a High-Spec Robo. FANFIC means not original, okay?


  • Mato Seihei No Slave: The Chainsaw Slave

    1K 30 4

    Male!CSM Reader X Mato Seihei No Slave


  • More Than Meets The Eye: Goddess of Victory: Nikke x Male Reader x Transformers

    36.8K 866 13

    (M/N) (L/N) fresh out of the academy and was on his way to his first mission when the transport ship he was on was shot down. Waking up to a Nikke named Marian, the duo finds themselves on the attack by mechanical like beings known as Raptures Meeting up with two new Nikkes, the group prepares to engage in the fight o...


  • The Symbiote Saga (RWBY/Marvel Harem X Male Spider Hero Reader)

    3.5K 180 4

    The Web Warriors are group of spider heroes and protectors of Vale, kids all look up to them and wanted to be heroes like them. A few huntsman don't approve of them considering that they don't even have a license or authorization to stop criminals and hide behind masks but the most they don't approve is the right to k...


  • The Ultimate Mage! (Autistic Male Reader X The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic)

    3.9K 139 5

    Y/n L/n was also that One Kid in high school who never got Noticed because he was so Socially awkward and Shy. Still, when he Gets Dragged away to Another World by an Accident he finally becomes Important when everyone discovers his Ability to use every single form of Magic in existence Making him the Greatest Mage of...


  • Highschool Of Dead: [Prototype] (Harem X Male Reader)

    23.4K 960 30

    (Y/N): "My name is (Y/N) Mercer...I'm the reason all of this...they called, killer, terrorist...I'm all of these things." (Y/N) Mercer is the original of Prototype who responsible for Lethal Virus outbreak in 2008 Penn Station from New York called Blacklight...(Y/N) was got shot by the agent when he throw...

    Completed Mature

  • The Chained Typhoon

    5.4K 157 5

    The Concept of gender equality ceased to exist in this cursed world since a dimension known as Mato appeared all over Japan,and a new resource called "Peaches" were discovered,it gave unique abilities that are only compatible specifically with women but that also specifically does not apply to the world of Men But as...

  • Male Reader x Harem part 2 - Joyboy19 (2024)
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