Massive Best Buy sale is live — here's the 19 deals I'd get now (2024)

Massive Best Buy sale is live — here's the 19 deals I'd get now (1)

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Amazon's Big Spring Sale is over. But there's no need to worry. Best Buy is stepping up with a bunch of discounts on OLED TVs, MacBooks, Windows laptops and much more.

You definitely don't want to miss the MacBook Air 15-inch (M2/256GB) for $999 at Best Buy. This deal takes $300 off one of the best 15-inch laptops on the market, although note that the newer 15-inch MacBook Air M3 is now available. Plus, you can get the excellent Bose QuietComfort Headphones for $249 at Best Buy. They're $100 off and provide some of the best active noise cancellation of any headphones we've tested.

Keep scrolling for more of my favorite Best Buy deals. Plus, check out the 7 Amazon TV deals I'd buy this week.

Best Buy sale — Quick links

  • Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope: was $39 now $19
  • TV sale: deals from $74
  • Sony WHCH720N Headphones: was $149 now $99
  • Seagate 1TB Card for Xbox Series X/S: was $219 now $149
  • Ninja Mega Kitchen System: was $199 now $149
  • Bose QuietComfort Headphones:was $349 now $249
  • Toshiba 65" 4K Fire TV: was $529 now $379
  • 10.9" iPad Air (WiFi/64GB): was $599 now $449
  • Apple Mac mini M2: was $599 now $499
  • iPhone 15: up to $830 off w/ trade-in
  • MacBook Air 15 (M2/256GB): was $1,299 now $999
  • LG 55" B3 OLED 4K TV: was $1,699 now $1,099

Best Buy sale — Top deals now

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope: was $39 now $19 @ Best Buy
The sequel to 2017's Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Sparks of Hope once again reunites the residents of the Mushroom Kingdom with the zany rabbids. This time the unexpected allies are venturing into the stars for an intergalactic adventure. Offering colorful strategy combat and plenty of planets to explore, Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope is one of the best Nintendo Switch games you can play right now.

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Dead Space: was $69 now $29 @ Best Buy
Step back into the space boots of Isaac Clarke in this remake of the legendary sci-fi survival horror,Dead Space. The USG Ishimura has been overrun with nightmarish enemies, and it's your job to discover the source of the outbreak while trying to keep your sanity in check. You'll need to conserve your resources by strategically dismembering enemies.
Price check: $45 @ Walmart | $29 @ Target

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TV sale: deals from $74 @ Best Buy
Best Buy has smart TVs on sale for as low as $74. Keep in mind, the cheap TVs tend to be smaller, 1080p models (which are more suitable for a children's room or guest room). However, the sale also includes larger sets. These are among the cheapest TVs we've seen from Best Buy. By comparison, Amazon is offering a similar sale with prices from $74.
Price check: from $74 @ Amazon | from $74 @ Walmart

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Sony WHCH720N Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones: was $149 now $99 @ Best Buy
Asthe follow-up to the WH-CH710N over-ear headphones, the WH-CH720N bring a host of updates. These include improved noise canceling, up to 35 hours of battery life and full Sony Headphone Connect app support. Not to mention these are some of thebest wireless noise-canceling headphones you can get at this price point.

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AirPods: was $129 now $99 @ Best Buy
The entry-level AirPods feature Apple's H1 chip for fast wireless connectivity with Apple devices. Although they've been outshined by newer models, in our AirPods review we said they're a great pair of wireless earbuds that work seamlessly with iOS devices.
Price check: $99 @ Amazon | $99 @ Walmart

Seagate 1TB Storage Expansion Card for Xbox Series X/S: was $219 now $149 @ Best BuyThe Seagate Storage Expansion Card is an officially licensed Xbox Series X accessory that increases your hard drive space by a full 1TB. This is the ideal add-on if you want to store dozens of the best Xbox Series X games on your console at once.
Price check: $149 @ Amazon

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Ninja Mega Kitchen System: was $199 now $149 @ Best Buy
The Ninja Mega Kitchen System comes with a 64-oz food processor bowl as well as a 72-oz blending jug and two 16-oz single serve cups, all of which fits onto the base. It has 1500 watts of power, meaning it can pulverize anything you throw at it. With three dedicated settings including dough, blend and crush and a pulse setting, its versatility is impressive.
Price check: $149 @ Amazon

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Sonos One (Gen 2): was $219 now $175 @ Best Buy
As one of the most popular smart speakers, the Sonos One has built-in Alexa and Google Assistant support. Our Sonos One review said the output was amazing for the size. One speaker filled the room with full, balanced sound; pairing a second speaker with the first in stereo made it all the more richer. Although it has been superseded by the Era 100, this is a great deal on one of the original best smart speakers around.

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Apple Watch SE 2022 (GPS/40mm): was $249 now $199 @ Best Buy
The new Apple Watch SE sports a modern processor (S8), Crash Detection capability, and watchOS 10. It was already priced cheaper than its predecessor at launch, and now thanks to this Best Buy deal it's an even better value. In fact, in ourApple Watch SE 2022 review, we called it the best Apple Watch value you'll find, and that was before its price cut in this sale.
Price check: $199 @ Amazon

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Bose QuietComfort Headphones:was $349 now $249 @ Best Buy
As we noted in ourBose QuietComfort Headphones review, these are "excellent always-on noise-cancelers with enhanced sound and battery life." They come with better sound, more features and the same celebrated noise cancelation as their QC45 predecessor.
Price check: $249 @ Amazon | $249 @ Walmart

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Toshiba 65" 4K Fire TV: was $529 now $379 @ Best Buy
The Toshiba Fire TV is the perfect smart TV for anyone who wants a modern TV on a small budget. It supports Dolby Vision, HDR and HDR10 content as well as DTS Virtual: X audio. In our Toshiba C350 Fire TV review, we said its color accuracy, low lag time and responsive Fire TV operating system make it a great value for budget shoppers.
Price check: sold out @ Amazon

10.9" iPad Air (WiFi/64GB): was $599 now $449 @ Best Buy
The iPad Air is powered by Apple's M1 processor, which features an 8-core CPU that delivers up to 60% faster performance than the previous-gen iPad Air. Other standout features include a 12MPultrawide front camera that supports Center Stage and 5G support (cellular models only). The tablet features a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display (2360 x 1640), 12MP wide (rear) camera, USB-C charging and Magic Keyboard support.In our Apple iPad Air review, we said it sets a new standard for tablets.
Price check: $449 @ Amazon | $599 @ Target

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AirPods Max: was $549 now $479 @ Best Buy
The AirPods Max are Apple's premium, retro-style headphones. They feature large ear cushions, a digital crown, active noise cancellation, and Spatial Audio. The latter feature uses head tracking to offer a surround sound experience.In our AirPods Max review, we said the 'phones offer exceptional noise-cancelling, a luxurious design, and sophisticated soundstage.Keep in mind that they've dropped as low as $429 in the past.
Price check: $479 @ Amazon

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Apple Mac mini M2: was $599 now $499 @ Best Buy
The Mac mini M2 is faster and $100 cheaper than its M1-based predecessor. In our Mac mini M2 review, we said it's one of the best mini PCs on the market with a speedy M2 CPU that runs circles around Apple's M1 CPU. The base model supports up to two external displays at up to the same resolutions (6K via Thunderbolt 4 or 4K via HDMI). It features an M2 CPU, 8GB of RAM and 256GB SSD.
Price check: $499 @ Amazon | $499 @ B&H

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Asus 15" OLED Laptop: was $1,099 now $799 @ Best Buy
It may look like a mainstream laptop, but this Asus sports a vivid 15.6-inch 1080p OLED display that promises to make everything from photos and videos pop. You also get a Core i7-13620H CPU, 16GB of RAM, 512GB SSD and an RTX 3050 GPU. There's also a Thunderbolt 4 port that can connect two 4K displays or one 8K display.
Price check: $929 @ Amazon

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iPhone 15: up to $830 off w/ trade-in @ Best Buy
Save up to $830 off the iPhone 15 with trade-in at Best Buy. Or save up to $1,000 off the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max with trade-in. Plus, if you activate your phone via Verizon you'll get a $200 Verizon eGift card.

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MacBook Air 15 (M2/256GB): was $1,299 now $999 @ Best Buy
The 15-inch MacBook Air M2 packs a gorgeous Liquid Retina display (2880 x 1864), Apple's M2 CPU w/ 8-core GPU, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD and a better six-speaker sound system than you'll find on the 13-inch model. In ourMacBook Air M2 review, we called the Editor's Choice laptop an unbeatable combo of stellar performance, long-lasting battery life and sleek design. Just note that the newer 15-inch MacBook Air M3 is now available.
Price check: sold out @ Amazon | $999 @ B&H

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LG 55" B3 OLED 4K TV: was $1,699 now $1,099 @ Best Buy
The LG B3 is a mid-tier OLED TV featuring over 8.3 million self-lit pixels for rich contrast and vibrant colors. For gamers, this TV has a 120Hz refresh rate, Game Optimizer features and HDMI 2.1 support. Dolby Vision, HDR10, HLG and Dolby Atmos support is also included. In our LG B3 OLED review, we said the Editor's Choice TV is an amazing value and stands up astonishingly well against other mid-tier OLEDs. Note: Amazon has it for $3 less.
Price check: $1,096 @ Amazon

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Samsung Galaxy Book 4: from $1,349 @ Best Buy
Free $200 gift card! The Samsung Galaxy Book 4 series laptops are finally available. They feature Intel's new Ultra processors, which are capable of accelerating AI tasks. Right now Best Buy is bundling up to a $200 Best Buy gift card when you buy one of Samsung's new laptops.
Price check: $800 off w/ trade-in @ Samsung

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