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  • (On Hold)From Weakest to Strongest (DXD X RWBY X BNHA X Asura Male reader)

    69.4K 733 6

    A young boy who was abused and beaten for being the weakest student in a school filled with people that has Quirks, sacred gears and semblances. He was hated by the students and other teachers saying that he should rather die. His only friends were Class 1-A and the heroes. They accept them even though he was a normal...

  • Union University's Dredgen (A male Dredgen Reader x Anime Crossover)

    138K 1.3K 19

    Y/N L/N was once a student of Union University. During his time at the Union, he was bullied by most of his classmates and some of the teachers ignore his pleases for help. Y/N did make friends while at Union but things soon went from bad to worse. During his fourth year at Union someone framed him for a crime and Y/N...


  • Death Watch

    32.1K 300 16

    I didn't have a happy life. In fact it was like living in the worst nightmare, yet I avoided it most of the time. Hated for being powerless in the infamous Union Academy.


  • Bullied male reader x Anime Crossover

    122K 880 26

    I can't think of a description

  • Video Game Legends (Male Reader and OC X Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Harem!)

    47.3K 342 21

    (Y/N) (L/N) and Jackson Shadowbelt receive a supposed letter that invites them into a competition involving fighting in the Super Smash Bros. Tournament! Can this be a prank? Or is it for real?! Well, time to brawl against several heroes and villains from different franchises, and to make love in sooooooo many ways po...


  • A Path Hidden From Others (bullied infinite male reader x crossover)

    204K 1.9K 31

    you live in a world of quirks,semblances, and sacred gears. you (y/n) have a hidden power that you keep a secret causing you to be bullied. what happens if you suddenly snap and this power tries gains control of you? (I only own the story not the characters or the animes they came from)

  • Ultimate wolf Hero: male bullied OP reader x crossover harem

    31.2K 294 9

    You were a wolf faunus student at Alpha Academy and you were beaten from some of your peers. You began to lose humanity until a meeting with your family and ancestors.... I never own anything


  • The cyborg of union academy (massive crossover harem x male oc)

    15.1K 111 9

    Toad Skywalker is a powerful cyborg with incredible power. He got accepted to union academy where all the anime characters come together. All the students and teachers acknowledges him and he's hardly ever bullied, almost all the girls are attracted to him as well. The bullies try to well....bully him but failed miser...

  • The Hunter's Hunt

    61.5K 901 20

    [Completed] ... A Student bullied till he was offered another. Another way of being taught. The student accepted and left the academy leaving his tormentors behind. Until he was forced to come out but now with students of his own to prevent a scourge from spreading before it's too late... But it has started. =========...

    Completed Mature

  • The Gamer Spider-Man In Crossover Kombat

    13.5K 343 36

    (OC Gamer Spider-Man X Massive Crossover Harem) Akira Kusuo is a video game nerd and an otaku. But he is also the heroic gamer Spider-Man. He will be called to fight against an invasion led by James Ironwood. He is also a chick magnet. Why? Read and find out!


  • (REBOOTING)More Than Meets The Eye

    62.3K 615 15

    (Small Yandere) Crossover X Abused/Bullied/Cheated Male Reader (Y/N) spent his whole life dealing with nothing, but abused, hatred, deception. And when he joined Cross Academy, it wasn't any different. There he would be ridiculed by the student and bullied while the staff did nothing about it or stop. Sure he had fri...


  • from abused to the hero!

    9.4K 144 20

    I do not own anything. this a little Idea I had when I saw other people so I wanted to try and I kinda wanted to try a Harem story this is my first doing one of these so please don't hate.


  • Reincarnated Infinite Male Reader X Multiverse Crossover

    84.5K 983 24

    [Dropped] You woke up as a Mobian Jackal . . . With little memories of your past but there are two of them one of them is an illusion and the other is real but you don't know which is which . . . Once you remember everything what will you do? [Note:Probably will be rebooted but the old ones remain.]


  • the fastest thing alive (bullied and cheated male sonic OC x union academy)

    47.8K 397 8

    this is my first story so don't hate on it to much.

  • The Ronin Baba Yaga (male John wick ronin reader x crossover)

    110K 1.4K 26

    Y/n wick was an accomplished huntsman graduating at 17 from Beacon academy he wad also a member of overwatch under the alias Ronin he worked alone at beacon academy as a one man team in overwatch he was the most popular man there being friendly and kind to recruits and veterans alike. But Before that he was the bodygu...


  • The Birth Of The Ace

    17.5K 224 19

    Hated by everyone = Brings a new person Hello, I hope you enjoy my story :) and stay safe

    Completed Mature

  • One with the Beat

    37.2K 589 10

    After one little incident at a school activity, Y/N L/N goes from being a shadow in the background, to having the spotlight right on him. How will he handle it, what will others think of this, what will he do now and so many questions to ask, but only to be answered... through this story A/N: I only own the oc and plo...


  • I am Reborn!

    373K 4.7K 39

    Crossover Harem x Male Abused and Neglected OP reader Y/n L/n, A nobody. He doesn't have a Quirk, A Semblance, An Imperial Arm, Nothing. He is a 2nd Year in Union Academy, A Place for All kinds from around the World. He is like a nobody, Many says that "He cheated his way into Union", or "He's just a Bloody pervert". ...

    Completed Mature

  • A True Hero From Training!

    182K 2.2K 12

    Crossover Harem x Bullied OP Male Reader! F/n used to be a powerless male, just like a majority of society, and has dealt with oppression and pain his whole life. When F/n was in Union Academy, he's been facing severe bullying due to them thinking he was a cheater and a loser who only came to Union to peep on girls, m...


  • The Grim Reaper (OP Ragna the Bloodedge Male Reader x Crossover)

    249K 3.5K 18

    Y/N have been mistreated by almost everyone at Kagura, Beacon, Kuoh, U.A. academy for not have the same power of them. Having enough, he decides to leaves to create his path. But a certain event happened as his right arm was cut off, leaving him to die by the world. However, something unexpected happened as he gained...


  • Rise of the Red Hood

    179K 1.7K 21

    (Male Bullied, Betrayed, Cheated and Neglected Red Hood Reader x Crossover Harem) Y/n L/n was a student at Hero Academy, but was bullied harshly by the students because he didn't have a Semblance, Quirk, Sacred Gear or Teigu. He was also Neglected by the teachers and Headmasters, for they believed him to be nothing bu...


  • God of Highschool (Massive Harem x God Reader!)

    88.4K 951 30

    This Highschool is no Ordinary Highschool as it serves students of all Kinds! And I mean they have Angel's, Aliens, Monsters, Human's and Way, Way More! Of course The hero of our Story Y/N is A God with the Powers of Multiple Great Heroes and With Heart of Gold he'll inexplicably get A Huge Harem!


  • New World, New People, One Lucky Necromancer

    200K 2.7K 31

    This is a Crossover Harem x Necromancer Male Reader story I wanted to do for a long time, the animes involved in this story will be in the cover, but in the Bio I will take requests of any other anime you want to be in this story. On a world there was one guy who was outcasted by everyone because of what he is and thi...

  • Weapons of God: Revolution (Crossover Original Story) [ON HOLD]

    53.2K 409 13

    A 17-year-old boy named Strider is one of the 40% of the powerless people that reside in the world of Remnant, filled to the brim with people who wield three types of powers: Semblances, Quirks, and Magic (which can be enhanced by Sacred Gears). After being treated like garbage for not being able to unlock one of thes...

  • 204K 2.3K 29

    Two brothers: One destined for greatness, to become the Golden Knight, Garo. While the one destined to suffer, and become nothing. One loved by their family... The other ignored by his family. One loved by everyone... The other hated by everyone. How will this change their Destiny's and where will their paths lead. N...


  • The Ultimate Union: OP Male Saiyan Reader x OP Crossover Harem

    110K 1K 13

    What if {Y/N} entered Union Academy and was never bullied/betrayed/abandoned and most of the students, teachers and headmasters were nice/good people and {Y/N} is an absolute OP badass from the very start? Crazy idea? I know.

  • "Be Whole Again" Dead Space Bullied Male Reader X Massive Crossover

    93.5K 938 12

    These voices! They keep saying let's be whole again! I just want them to stop! *Sobs* please stop!


  • Strongest but in Tears: Male Depressed OP reader x crossover harem

    10.4K 109 7

    You know this so why bother reading this? (Abused/disowned/homeless/depressed Extremely OP Reader x massive crossover harem)


  • Cheater Pyrrha X Male Reader X Harem

    200K 2.7K 72

    I don't own anything

    Completed Mature

  • The Ultimate Fright

    49.3K 651 12

    William Nightfall. A boy who commands some of the most terrifying creatures ever to roam the planet: The Horrors. William took himself and his monsters to the country of Japan, to find a new, more relaxing life. However, due to circ*mstances beyond his control, he will soon have to face the Heroes and Villains that...


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