Robinhood 24 Hour Market | Robinhood (2024)

Robinhood 24 Hour Market

You can track and trade select stocks and ETFs on Robinhood even when other markets are closed, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week.

Robinhood 24 Hour Market is available from Sunday 8 PM ET through Friday 8 PM ET. Orders entered for the 24 Hour Market generally could be executed 12 AM-8 PM ET on a full trading day (meaning Monday-Friday except for stock market holidays and half-days), 12 AM-5 PM ET on a stock market half-day, and 8 PM-12 AM ET on the day before either a full trading day or a stock market half-day.

24-hour trading

24-hour trading

Use your Robinhood account to trade when you want to during the trading week. Check out Lists24 Hour Market to get started.

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Place an order

You can trade whole-share, limit orders of any assets included in our 24 Hour Market list. To place an order in the app or on the web:

  1. Select a stock in the 24 Hour Market list
  2. Select TradeBuy or Sell
  3. Select Dollars or Shares at top right of the screen to view the order type menu, and then select:
  • Limit Order to switch a limit order
  • Or for share-based orders, select Trade now to place a 24 Hour Market order (if you don’t see this option, it may not be available yet)
  1. In Set limit price, enter the limit price, and then select Continue
  2. In Set trading hours, select when you want the order to execute:
  • Market hours: 9:30 AM-4 PM ET
  • Extended hours: 7 AM-8 PM ET
  • 24 Hour Market: 8 PM-8 PM ET

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  1. In Set time in force, select when the order should expire, and then select Continue.
  • Good-For-Day (GFD) orders are eligible for up to 24 hours. If placed before 8 PM ET, the order will expire at 8 PM ET that day, unless it has already been executed. If placed after 8 PM ET, it’ll expire at 8 PM the next day. For example, a GFD order placed at 9 PM ET will stay open for 23 hours until it expires at 8 PM ET the next day.
  • Good-Til-Canceled (GTC) orders are eligible for execution 24 hours per trading day, for up to 90 calendar days.

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  1. Review the order, and then swipe up to place it.

After you place an order, you can select Refresh at any time to get the latest order summary.

24-hour charts

24-hour charts

Within the charts, the 1-day (1D) and 1-week (1W) charts will continue to show active market data even during overnight and pre-market hours.

Here's how to help you delineate the price changes in our charts:

  • During market hours, 9:30 AM-4 PM ET Monday-Friday, Today shows price and percentage change in price relative to the market hours opening price

  • Depending on what time it is outside of market hours, the following additional price and percentage change in price are shown during each of the following sessions as compared to the market hours closing price:

    • After-hours: 4 PM-8 PM ET
    • Overnight: 8 PM-4 AM ET
    • Pre-market: 4 AM-9:30 AM ET

This example chart for Tiger Corp, shows $1.76 for today’s closing market price change and $0.07 as the After-hours price change that reflects the difference between the current price and the market hours closing price:

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For more details about other chart features, check out Using charts.

For supported symbols, the Overnight volume will show the number of shares traded during the overnight hours of 8 PM-4 AM ET. Keep in mind, this volume data will be static during market and extended-hours trading sessions.

As always, Today’s volume will continue to show the number of shares traded during regular and extended hours of 4 AM-8 PM ET.

Check out Technical indicators for more details about the volume and other chart data shown during market and extended hours.

24-hour stats

24-hour stats

In Key statistics for supported symbols in the Robinhood 24 Hour Market, the prices shown in High today and Low today represent the highest and lowest values from 12 AM-12 AM (midnight), Monday-Thursday (24 hours a day, localized to your time zone within the U.S.). And for the beginning and end of the week, they’ll show as follows:

  • On Sundays, the highest and lowest values will reflect any changes from 8 PM ET until 12 AM in your time zone
  • On Fridays, the highest and lowest values will reflect any changes starting from 12 AM in your time zone until 8 PM ET

Check out Technical indicators for more details about key statistics.

The following shows an example of the key statistics that may be available for a supported stock during overnight trading:

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What are the potential benefits?

Trading your favorite stocks and ETFs during extended or overnight hours can help you take action in response to breaking news and get a jump start on potential market opportunities when regular markets are closed.

What are the risk factors to consider?

Check out Risk factors to consider that you should be aware of before engaging in trading during extended or overnight hours, such as: lower liquidity, higher volatility, changing prices, unlinked markets, news announcements, and wider spreads.

What types of orders can I place?

You can place whole-share, limit orders on any of the assets available within our 24 Hour Market list. For more details about limit orders and orders that aren’t available through the Robinhood 24 Hour Market, check out Why didn’t my order execute

What symbols can I trade?

You can trade any of the assets listed in our 24 Hour Market list, which includes some of our most popular and top-traded stocks and ETFs.

Also, if you place an order for a symbol that’s not currently supported, you won’t be able to select the 24 Hour Market session but can select a different trading session for it. For details, check out the Default order schedule and Extended-Hours Trading Disclosure.

What counts as a day trade?

When you make a trade during overnight hours (between 8 PM-12 AM ET), the trade date will actually be the next trading day. For example, if you buy 2 shares of ABC on Monday at 9 PM ET, and then sell 2 shares of ABC on Tuesday at 10 AM ET, it counts as a day trade. The calendar dates are different but the trade dates are the same.

Why are the spreads wider?

The spread refers to the difference between the price at which a security can be purchased and the price at which it can be sold. Lower liquidity and higher volatility in overnight or extended-hours trading may result in wider than normal spreads for a specific security, which in turn can cause you to receive an inferior price.

Why didn’t my order execute?

You can only place limit orders for the Robinhood 24 Hour Market. Limit orders don’t execute except at your limit price or better. Keep in mind, if your limit order doesn’t execute, it’ll expire based on the time-in-force (GFD or GTC) that you selected when placing the order.

Also, if you place an order outside regular market hours for a symbol that’s not currently supported, you won’t be able to select the 24 Hour Market session but can select a different trading session for it. For details, check out Default order schedule and the Extended-Hours Trading Disclosure.

Why do I have a restriction?

Your account may be restricted if flagged for pattern day trading (PDT). Check your day trade settings after 4 AM ET on the day after the restriction occurs to learn what you can do to possibly resolve it. Check out Pattern day trading for more details.

What happens if a company is going through a corporate action?

We may pause trading during corporate actions, just as we may during other times of day. Check out Mergers, Stock Splits, and More for more details.



Trading outside of market hours involves additional risks, such as increased price volatility and lower trading volume. You can learn more in the Extended-Hours Trading Disclosure.

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Robinhood 24 Hour Market | Robinhood (2024)


Does Robinhood allow 24 hour trading? ›

Traditionally, the markets are open from 9:30 AM ET-4 PM ET during regular business days (Monday-Friday, except holidays). But with extended-hours trading and the Robinhood 24 Hour Market, you can execute trades from 8 PM ET Sunday until 8 PM ET Friday, with some restrictions.

What is the 10 am rule in stock trading? ›

Some traders follow something called the "10 a.m. rule." The stock market opens for trading at 9:30 a.m., and the time between 9:30 a.m. and 10 a.m. often has significant trading volume. Traders that follow the 10 a.m. rule think a stock's price trajectory is relatively set for the day by the end of that half-hour.

How to avoid PDT rule on Robinhood? ›

Switch to a cash account.

A cash account isn't subject to PDT regulation. This will allow you to continue day trading and participating in the Stock Lending and Brokerage cash sweep programs.

What happens if you get flagged as a day trader on Robinhood? ›

If your account is flagged for PDT, you're required to have a portfolio value of at least $25,000 to continue day trading. Your portfolio value is the sum of your cash, stocks, and options, and doesn't include crypto positions.

What is the 24 hour transfer limit on Robinhood? ›

Withdrawal and deposit limits
Originated ACH$50,000 or $250,000 daily$50,000 daily
Non-originated ACH$250,000 daily$250,000 daily
2 more rows

How can I trade stocks 24 hours a day? ›

Overnight trading is available 24 hours a day, every market day, by choosing an EXTO order type. EXTO orders expire at 8 p.m. ET each day. For example, an EXTO order placed at 2 a.m. ET Monday morning would be active immediately and remain active from then until 8 p.m. ET Monday night.

What is the 15 minute rule in stocks? ›

You can do a quick analysis, adjust your trading strategy and get into a good position well after the crowd pulls the trigger on a gap play. Here is how. Let the index/stock trade for the first fifteen minutes and then use the high and low of this “fifteen minute range” as support and resistance levels.

What is No 1 rule of trading? ›

Rule 1: Always Use a Trading Plan

You need a trading plan because it can assist you with making coherent trading decisions and define the boundaries of your optimal trade. A decent trading plan will assist you with avoiding making passionate decisions without giving it much thought.

What is 80 rule in stock market? ›

In investing, the 80-20 rule generally holds that 20% of the holdings in a portfolio are responsible for 80% of the portfolio's growth. On the flip side, 20% of a portfolio's holdings could be responsible for 80% of its losses.

Why do you need 25k to day trade? ›

The Importance of Having 25,000 to Day Trade

Provides a cushion for potential losses: As mentioned earlier, day trading comes with a high level of risk. Having $25,000 in your account provides a cushion to absorb any losses and protects you from overextending yourself.

How do I remove PDT flag from Robinhood? ›

There's one more thing you can do if Robinhood flags you as a day trader: You can ask to have the flag removed. Robinhood allows many account holders a one-time PDT flag removal. You'll have to contact Robinhood's customer support through the app to find out if you're eligible.

How to get rid of PDT flag? ›

If an account receives the error message "potential pattern day trader", there is no PDT flag to remove. The account holder will need to wait for the five-day period to end before any new positions can be initiated in the account.

Is it legal to buy and sell the same stock repeatedly? ›

Just as how long you have to wait to sell a stock after buying it, there is no legal limit on the number of times you can buy and sell the same stock in one day. Again, though, your broker may impose restrictions based on your account type, available capital, and regulatory rules regarding 'Pattern Day Traders'.

How to bypass Robinhood day trade? ›

With Robinhood Gold, you can bypass the PDT rule and enjoy unlimited day trades, even with an account balance below $25,000. Consider Opening a Cash Account: If you prefer not to upgrade to Robinhood Gold or maintain a high account balance, you can open a cash account instead of a margin account.

Why does Robinhood limit day trades? ›

These restrictions are in place to ensure compliance with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) rules and regulations. Minimum Equity Requirement: As a pattern day trader, you are required to maintain a minimum equity of $25,000 in your margin account on any day that you engage in day trading activities.

How late can you trade after hours on Robinhood? ›

Order behavior during extended or overnight hours

Market orders placed during an extended-hours session (7 AM–9:30 AM or 4 PM–8 PM ET), during the overnight session (8 PM-7 AM ET), or when all sessions are closed, will be queued for the opening of regular market hours.

Which stock market is open on 24/7? ›

For decades, the worldwide FX market has been functioning 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Can you day trade on Robinhood without 25k? ›

Day trading on Robinhood without having a minimum account balance of $25,000 is possible by utilizing a cash account, being selective with trades, considering options trading, exploring swing trading strategies, and focusing on education and risk management.

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