Rockwall Bulk Pickup Zone 2 (2024)

1. [PDF] Zone 2 - City of Rockwall

  • CITY OF ROCKWALL. 2024 BULK PICK UP SCHEDULE. Mon-Fri of the following weeks. Zone 2. January 8. July 8. January 22. July 22. February 12. August 12. February ...

2. Waste & Recycling Services in Rockwall, Texas

  • Bulk Trash Service · Zone 1 is north of I-30 and west of Ridge Road/Goliad Street. Pick up for Zone 1 will be the 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. · Zone 2 is ...

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3. [PDF] 2024 BULK PICK UP SCHEDULE Mon-Fri of the following weeks

4. TownSq Community App | Resources - Chandlers Landing

  • A gated, waterfront neighborhood in Rockwall ... Bulk trash is scheduled for the second and fourth Monday of each month. ... Rockwall Independent School District.

  • A gated, waterfront neighborhood in Rockwall, Texas since 1974. | Community management and communication made easier with TownSq community app.

5. Temporary changes coming for bulk trash service in Rockwall

  • 27 mrt 2020 · Bulk trash and brush collections will occur on Wednesdays of your zone's designated week. ... Zone 2 is scheduled for April 13 and April 27.

  • Share this story With schools and businesses temporarily shutting down amid the coronavirus threat, and more people staying at home, Rockwall residents have begun to…

6. City of Rockwall - 651 updates &mdash - Nextdoor

  • Under the agreement, Rockwall customers will continue to enjoy unlimited bulk trash pickup, twice per week garbage services, and weekly recycling. The new ...

  • View 651 updates from City of Rockwall on Nextdoor, the neighborhood hub. Visit our page to see the latest news and information.

7. Wildwood - Rockwall, TX - Titan Waste

  • Bulk items will be picked up on Wednesday. In order to schedule a pick-up or to find out pricing, please call our office at (972) 564-2800 24hrs in advance.

  • Quick Pickup Guide

8. Bulk and Brush Pickup | Burleson, TX - Official Website

  • Crews will collect items Monday through Friday of your zone week. Zones. Zone 1 - The week of the 1st Monday of every month; Zone 2 - The week of the 2nd Monday ...

  • Special pick-up items will be collected monthly for bulk in excess of 3 cubic yards and weekly on your second collection day of 3 cubic yards or less. 

9. Schedule Bulky Item Pickup in Rockwall, TX - LoadUp Junk Removal

  • Easily schedule bulky item collection services in Rockwall, TX. LoadUp specializes in bulk trash pickup for recycling, donation, and proper disposal.

Rockwall Bulk Pickup Zone 2 (2024)
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