The Last Of Us EP 9 by The Killer Point Of View Podcast (2024)

Abigail (2024)In the latest episode of The Killer Point Of View Podcast, the crew takes a look at the vampire film Abigail.Jul 02, 202401:27:35Thanksgiving (2023)In the latest episode of TKPOV Podcast the crew give their opinion of Eli Roth’s holiday slasher film Thanksgiving.Jun 18, 202452:20Totally Killer (2023)Get ready to travel in the 2023 horror comedy Totally Killer. In what can be described as a crossover between Back to the Future and Scream, the story follows Jaime Hughes, a 17-year-old girl trying to avoid being the Sweet 16 Killer's next victim, who accidentally time travels back in time to 1987. It's a race against time as she must stop the Sweet 16 Killer to prevent future victims before her chance to return to the present is gone forever.Jun 04, 202401:00:17Andrea Yates (True Crime)Today is true crime Thursday. With mental health awareness month coming to a close Brian and Ashley discuss the crimes committed by Andrea Yates.May 30, 202424:37The Strangers Franchise ReviewThis week we visit The Strangers franchise. We discuss the reason for The Strangers (2008) popularity amongst the horror community, the pros and cons of The Strangers: Prey at Night (2018), and whether the newly released The Strangers: Chapter 1 (2024) is paying homage or copying the original film. That and a lot more. WARNING: Spoilers for The Strangers: Chapter 1 begins at (45:30).May 21, 202401:31:14Black Swan The crew discusses the case of ballerina Juli Busken. Was an innocent man executed for her death or was justice served? Today’s non-spoiler movie review is Black Swan. May 16, 202453:06Talk To Me (Review)In the latest episode of TKPOV podcast, Brian talks going to see Abigail. The crew also discussed Blumhouse VS A24 and a is new game is introduced before jumping into the review of Talk To Me. That and more!May 07, 202401:12:23BEATNGU (Jeepers Creepers Franchise Review)In this episode of The Killer Point Of View Podcast, the crew discussed the trailer for MaXXXine, Slasher Madness, and the ups and downs of the Jeepers Creepers franchise. Apr 23, 202401:35:24Into The AsylumTonight Ashley and Brian are going to cover a British serial killer. One who spent most of his life in and out of asylums before being sentenced to die. Trigger Warning: Death of a child. They also give a non-spoiler review of the 2010 psychological thriller Shutter Island. Apr 18, 202444:15My Soul To TakeOn today’s episode of The Killer Point Of View Podcast the crew talked news in the horror world. They also discussed upcoming movies before diving into a review of Wes Craven’s 2010 horror film, My Soul To Take. Apr 09, 202401:04:07House on Haunted Hill (Review)In today's episode of The Killer Point Of View Podcast, the crew discussed the return of Neve Campbell to the scream franchise, a review of the 1999 remake House On Haunted Hill, and toxicity within the horror community. Mar 26, 202401:28:52Imperfection ( May Review)In our latest episode, we discuss movies we consider to be perfect, movie recommendations, and a review of the 2002 film May. Mar 12, 202401:29:40What is Teen Horror?In the latest episode of TKPOVP, the crew discussed teen horror, favorite era of horror, the 2005 horror film Cry Wolf, and much more!Feb 27, 202454:33Dinner Reservations at Dorsia (American Psycho Review)For this week's episode, we sit down to discuss the 2000 iconic horror American Psycho, starring Christian Bale, Jared Leto, Willem Dafoe, Reese Witherspoon, and many more notable actors. Join us as we go over some of our favorite moments, behind the scenes facts, and take a deeper dive into the hidden meaning behind this cult classic!Feb 13, 202401:51:02Eden Lake (2008)In today’s episode of the Killer Point Of View Podcast, the crew discussed disturbing scenes in horror films, creepy child characters, and the 2008 British film Eden Lake. Jan 30, 202401:03:37Exposure (Interview with Peter Cannon)On today’s episode of the Killer Point Of View Podcast, writer/director Peter Cannon joins Brian, Ashley, and Joe to discuss his upcoming psychological thriller film, Exposure. For future information on the film, be sure to follow exposure_movie on Instagram. Jan 28, 202401:01:45The Mist (2007)The Killer Point Of View welcomes you back after a long break. The crew starts by answering the many questions sent in before discussing the 2007 film The Most, directed by Frank Darabont. Jan 16, 202401:55:23ChristmasIn the last episode of the year, The Killer Point Of View Podcast discussed Christmas and non Christmas movies, is it 80s, plans for next year, and an interesting conversation about 80s and 90s tv shows. Plus more. Dec 19, 202301:35:55Christine M. Germain InterviewToday's bonus episode features the two-time best-selling award-winning author of The Brother's Curse Saga, Christine M. Germain. We discussed her writing process, what's next for The Brother's Curse Saga, and a wide range of TV shows.Dec 14, 202301:18:42Miner’s Mountain (Bennett Pellington Interview)On today's episode, Brian and Joe had the privilege of sitting down and talking with writer, director, and producer Bennett Pellington and his venture into completing the tale of the award-winning short horror film Miner's Mountain, which debuted in 2019.Dec 12, 202355:24It FollowsThe Killer Point Of View is back with another great episode. Join Ashley, Joe, Jaime, and Brian as they discuss a wide variety of topics from stranger things, movie theaters, and the new Thanksgiving movie. They also play a new game called, Is It 80s, Cards Against Horror, and introduce their new grading system for the 2014 film It Follows.Nov 28, 202301:48:23Director’s Point Of ViewFor this episode, we have Nikk Bergman and his girlfriend Julia. Nikk is an independent filmmaker and founder/owner of Wendigoh Pictures and released his first feature film, "Flesh," in 2021. Together, we dive into what it takes to bring a film to life from script to screen and the challenges of self-taught filmmaking. Nikk proves that with drive and vision, one can make their filmmaking dreams come to life.Nov 16, 202343:57The Blair Witch Join the cast and special guest Alicia from the Rambling Broads Podcast and the Wicked Dark History Podcast as the discuss the controversial horror film The Blair Witch.Nov 14, 202301:27:09Happy Halloween Happy Halloween everyone! The Killer Point Of View Podcast is back to discuss all things Halloween. Each cast member gives their reasons to why they love Halloween. They also discuss costumes, haunted house experiences, Halloween traditions, a brief history of Halloween, a Trick R Treat movie review and more. Oct 31, 202301:27:42HalloweenIn the latest episode of The Killer Point Of View Podcast the crew discussed their plans for October, a non spoiler review of Saw X, and Halloween movie recommendations. Also, Joe recently watched the 2018 Halloween film for the first time. Oct 17, 202353:02Friday The 13th Franchise ReviewHappy Friday The 13th everyone. Join The Killer Point Of View Podcast, along with guest Steel City Jason from Instagram, as they discuss their favorite moments from the franchise, Mount Rushmore of slashers, F13 final girls, Jason vs Michael, Smash or Slash, and a lot more. Oct 13, 202301:48:52Little Shop Of HorrorsJoin Joe and Brian as they sit down with the cast and crew members of the upcoming play, Little Shop Of Horrors, located at Shoreline Players Community Theatre. #1 Interview: Director - Rebecca #2 Interview: Audrey - played by Carley #3 Interview: Director Rebecca, Orin played by Matt and Audrey 2 played by Tim #4 Interview: President of Shoreline Players Community Theatre - Sue and 1 of 3 doo-wop girls played by Sam #5 Interview: Assistant Director - Brian and Seymour played by Patrick Oct 11, 202303:13:41It’s Just A Bunch Of Hocus PocusThe Killer Point Of View Podcast is back and they’re ready for the month of October. The episode starts off with 2 new movie reviews (no spoilers), followed by a review of Hocus Pocus, a trivia game, and more!!Oct 03, 202301:20:36The Disappearance of Maura Murray Ashley and Trinity are back with another episode of Partners in Wine. Today they discuss a case that has been dubbed the first crime of the social media age. Join us as we discuss who Maura Murray was, the circ*mstances surrounding her disappearance as well as a long list of theories on what may have happened to her. If anyone has any information on Maura or her disappearance, you can contact Sergeant Matthew Koehler with the New Hampshire State police at 603-223-3648 or contact the FBI VICAP unit at 800-634-4097. Sep 28, 202301:38:01Episode 140 - “Funniest Moments”he Killer Point Of View Podcast starts the episode with movies that got them ready for spooky season this year (1:25), before individually giving their 5 funniest moments in horror (9:55), and choosing a horror movie they would live in if they could (40:30). Next, the crew plays Smash or Slash (52:35), and give movie recommendations for this week (59:37). Sep 19, 202301:12:19Defining Final GirlsWe're back after a long break and we're discussing the importance of final girls, where they started, our top 5 favorite, smash or slash, and more.Sep 05, 202301:35:50The Final CutThe last episode before our long break is finally here. We discuss a wide range of topics from unpopular opinions, overrated franchises, smash or slash, the best decade in horror, and so much more. Jul 25, 202302:26:44Insidious The Red DoorJaime, Joe, and Brian discuss the newest installment of the insidious franchise.Jul 18, 202355:29Texas Chainsaw 3DJoin the cast as we debate each other on whether this movie was good or not. We also discuss a lot more. Jul 11, 202301:31:59Insidious 1-4In today’s episode, the killer point of view podcast journey into the further from the first four movies. We discuss the scariest moments and fun facts about the Insidious franchise. We also discuss the creepy story behind the Tip Toe Thru The Tulips With Me song in the first Insidious as well as give movie recommendations for this weekend. Jul 04, 202301:15:00The BurningIn today's episode we discuss the 1981 film The Burning. Synopsis: A former summer camp caretaker, horribly burned from a prank gone wrong, lurks around an upstate New York summer camp bent on killing the teenagers responsible for his disfigurement. Join us as we discuss The Burning, give weekend movie recommendations, and more.Jun 27, 202357:07Partners In Wine (Episode 4) Anna Hamilton-Byrne: Yoga instructor turned cult leader Trinity and Ashley take you on a deep dive into the Australian based doomsday cult know as The Family. Jun 22, 202301:29:55Sleepaway CampIn today’s episode, we discuss the 1983 horror film Sleepaway Camp. This was a first time watch for some of us and I can’t say enough how surprised we were by the plot twist. We also discuss some of our favorite camp movies, movie recommendations, and more.Jun 20, 202351:20Friday The 13th: The Final ChapterIn today’s episode, we discuss the 1984 slasher film, Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter. We also give movie recommendations for this weekend. Jun 13, 202301:10:13Partners In Wine: Beverley Allitt (The Angel Of Death)Ashley and Trinity discuss the disturbing crimes committed against children by English serial killer, Beverley Allitt.Jun 09, 202350:41Summer of 84 The members of The Killer Point Of View Podcast discuss Summer Of 84. Even though we did an episode on this film last year, the crew wanted to answer the question, why is this movie so underrated?Jun 06, 202348:23Train To Busan - Is This The Greatest Zombie Film Of All Time?In today's episode, we discuss the 2016 foreign horror film Train To Busan. This film will have you on the edge of your seat for the entire movie. It's an emotional rollercoaster. With an ending that will sit with you for years to come, be sure to give this film a watch. The Killer Point Of View Podcast also discussed surviving a zombie apocalypse and give movie recommendations for the week. Let us know what you thought of this film. May 30, 202350:34Bodies Bodies BodiesIn today’s episode, we discuss the 2022 horror comedy Bodies Bodies Bodies.May 23, 202349:19The Hand That Rocks The CradleJoin the podcast as we discuss the 1992 psychological thriller, The Hand That Rocks The Cradle. May 18, 202348:38PandorumIn this video, The Killer Point Of View Podcast takes a look at the 2009 sci-fi/horror film Pandorum.May 16, 202348:19
The Last Of Us EP 9 by The Killer Point Of View Podcast (2024)
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