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dead space 3 and visceral getting shut down is what opened my eyes to how poop EA is, may they all go bankrupt




bankruptcy would just be a tax break to Andrew Wilson.




I just started D3 with a friend.. any tips? Good so far but definitely a different feel which is fine. Fun just shooting stuff




HA! I legit lol’d




I was so screwing mad when they shut down Pandemic before they finished Mercs 3.




I enjoyed dead space 3 alot. I dont get the hate. Still solid in 2024




The hate comes from the fact that DS3 game play wise was created to be "marketable" for a wider audience - as in the horror aspect was downplayed and it became more an average action shooter.

But that wasn't even the real issue.
The real problem was that DS3 game play was created with micro transactions in mind. E.g how ammo was streamlined for all guns to be the same and available through scraps while you can but scraps in the real money store.
Dead space 3 was the start of the hyper "micro" transaction poop that is now prevalent in almost all games.
Also the coop mode bullpoop where much of the story of the game was hidden behind that.




The enemies are way too fast, the raptor-esque ones feel so much less special when everything just runs around.
The gun customization system feels too easy to exploit, I used shotguns and being able to just knock down everything felt lame.
The sexualization of Ellie and using her for some weird love triangle plot just felt forced?
The Co-op stuff, while cool in theory, just reuses assets and locations for its exclusive content, leading to dull expectations.
And there's such a large focus on action in comparison to the prior games, not like the prior entries didn't have action as a selling point but DS3 felt so modern in a lot of wrong ways.

I still enjoy DS3 for what it is, and it has some really cool ideas of its own and narratively

didn't play DLC no spoilers pls

I thought it was a fine enough ending for the series, but I would say it's the worst of the trilogy.




Genuinely hated that there wasnt much reason to shoot the limbs and use kinesis to impale enemies with dismembered limbs/random objects due to far too much ammo and the shift towards just military weapons




I haven’t played Dead Space 3 but I’m pretty sure the actual ending is locked behind the dlc




tons of dumb plotholes though. like when they throw the canister thing to danik and let him stick it in the machine even though he's alone and Carver was pointing a gun at him

he literally caught the thing with both hands

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To be fair I didn't give the game too much of a chance but I really disliked the combat and feel of Deadspace 3. It seemed very different than the first two and I didn't like it.




it was not the ending the dead space series deserved, an expected lul? sure, but dead space shouldve gone off like resident evil but on a cosmic scale with some good sequels




Kek they just made him a schizo and gave him a cliffhanger




If rumors of them shutting down the remake for DS2 in order to make the studio work on Battlefield are true then I want them to go down in flames




Lmfao you're late to the party so I'm going to make fun of you.
Not through text, but with my mouth irl. Tell me if you feel slightly more shameful for the next 5 mins or so.




i have more worse things to be ashamed of, like going to college and getting a job.

this poop aint nothin to me man

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The enemies are way too fast, the raptor-esque ones feel -  #250395875 added by spaghettea at teeny-tiny almond decorous (2024)
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